You can go to Nias by buses or airplanes but to get around the island, there are not many choices of transportations you can take. There are a number of illegal transportations in Nias that you can use. Illegal means that they don’t provide insurance and they are not legally listed as a service; but they do exist and do a good job!
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What could be better than having a cold beer on a hot sunny day when surfing in Nias Island? Indeed, there is something better!

Let’s forget Bir Bintang, Heineken or Guiness for a while and taste the authentic Nias alcohol beverage instead. 

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Surfcamp in Nias Island welcomes you to explore the nature and meet indigenous people who are just as fascinating as the beaches. Experience living close to nature and working things in old ways!

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Thinking in come and surfing in Nias Island but you don’t know what surfers eat here? Don’t worry check out this article we made for you! See ya!


SURFING IN NIAS ISLANDIn a land as secluded as Nias, you can expect local foods – traditionally made by the bare hands and traditional utensils – Nias authentic foods have intense flavour characterized by the unique spices that Indonesian cuisines are usually composed of.

SURFING IN NIAS ISLANDThe island is surrounded by coconut trees. It is no surprise that the locals incorporate coconut milk in most of their cookings. But that’s what makes these foods so special and are not quite like the ones you taste in anywhere else!

As you go surfing in Nias island, here are the must-try dishes and beverage! Jot them down because these delicious phrases might not be easy to memorize.


Harinake is Nias’s traditional food made out of diced pork with a taste of local spices. Often served with rice cake, Harinake is a symbol of honouring the guests at the wedding party. The juicy meat is hard to resist.

SURFING IN NIAS ISLANDHambae Nititi & Bato hambae

As a home to marine life, Nias offers plenty of mouthwatering crab dishes such as Hambae Nititi and Bato hambae.  Hambae Nititi is crab meat cooked with coconut milk. The mixture creates unique savory taste and rich flavour.

Bato Hambae is another delicious smoked crab meat which has been shaped into rounds. It is used as a side dish that the locals would eat with rice.

Gowi Nihandro

The snack is made from boiled cassava smoothly mashed and topped with dried grated coconut.

Tuo Nifaro

Don’t expect wine or beers lining up at the beach in Nias when you go surfing in Indonesia. But you can try Tuo Nifaro – Nias traditional beverage made from distilled raw tuak which has been fermented.

The distillation takes about 6 hours to complete with low heat – creating steam during the condensation process. Tuo Nifaro was initially served in cultural parades or as a hot drink on rainy season. But with the constant restriction in alcohol beverage in the country, Tuo Nifaro hasn’t much been seen in many areas.


Another delicious snack made from glutinous rice cooked in a bamboo. Loma has that sticky texture with cylindrical shape.

Silio Guro

Minced shrimp mixed with grated coconut and wrapped with banana leaf. Silio Guro is cooked using traditional meat-smoking method with high heat.


Sautéed minced pork mixed with mung bean, grated coconut and clover.

Saku nisolo

Saku Nisolo often substitutes rice as the main dish. Made from sago starch, Saku Nisolo has that savory taste resulted from thick coconut milk as the mixture.

Dodol durian

During Durian season, you will find this seasonal fruit easily around the island. Dodol Durian is a traditional toffee treats made from Durian. It has sticky texture with inevitably unique durian-sweetness taste.

Now you know how tasteful food is in Nias Island… Our Surfcamp in Indonesia offers very energic food and transportation service from the airport so the only thing you will do is..

SURF, SURF AND SURF! Are you ready?!


Our Pleasure Surf Camp in Nias Island invite you to discover this great place made for surfers from around the world


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What could be more thrilling for a surfer, than to have breathless experience when riding the waves?

Surfing is a challenging yet exciting activity. The virtuous blend of sun and sand and the ocean somehow give the sense of ‘living life to the fullest’. Even for novice players, they will easily get excited as they learn this water sport because the adrenaline rush just makes it so addictive!

The National Geographic has summed up the best surfs towns and places around the globe. Prepare your checklist and get your surfboard ready!

#5 Florianópolis, Brazil

Surfing in Floreanopolis Brazil

Surfing in Floreanopolis -Brazil

Set in the exotic Brazil island, the Florianopolis is a home to professional surfers. International competitions have been held in this so-called, capital of surfing. Florianopolis has 42 white sandy beaches with the lush rolling waves to surf all year round. As one of the world’s best surf town, the island provides all of the entertainment from dusk till dawn. From cultural parades to discerning nightlife – surfer enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this place.

#4 Byron Bay, Australia

Surfing in Byron Bay - Australia

Surfing in Byron Bay – Australia

Surfing with your family? The Byron Bay owns the best waves in the continent. A pleasant scene of crystal clear water that accommodates all surfers at any level – Byron Bay has some of the iconic surfing spots from the quietest beach of Wategoes to the local’s favorite swells in The Wreck.

#3 Biarritz, France

Surfing in Biarritz, France

Surfing in Biarritz, France

Thanks to Pieter Viertel, he made Biarritz a surfing location by doing it for the first time in 1957!

Biarritz is a mixture of the French’s historical culture and modernity. It is considered as the first to influence surfing activity in Europe. And now, surfers from every corner of the world come here to join surfing competitions and championships or simply, enjoying the best swells of Atlantic! As the center of surfing culture, Biarritz offer board rentals, surfing schools, numerous resorts and everything else in between to accommodate all level of surfers.

#2 Shonan, Japan

Surfing in Shonan-Japan

Surfing in Shonan-Japan

If you are a surfer and also a passionate traveller, then Shonan has all the vibes for you. As the new surfing culture, Shonan offers reef breaks for surfers at any level; plus a mix of Japan’s rich culture and authentic culinary experience. The town was first recognized as a fishing spot but the waves are too good just for catching fishes. It quickly becomes popular among the surfers, especially when it only takes an hour drive from Tokyo.

#1 Nias Island, Indonesia

Surfing in Nias Island, Indonesia

Surfing in Nias Island, Indonesia

This surfing paradise was discovered in 1975 by Australian surfer, Peter Troy. Situated on the western side of Indonesia, Nias owns some of the world class waves scattered on secluded beaches of Sorake, Legundri and Ture Loto. Nias is one exotic destination that has hold international surfing championships. While you are here, you can witness the glorious megalithic culture and have a taste of Nias’ unique authentic foods that you won’t find anywhere else.


Our Pleasure Surf Camp in Nias Island invite you to discover this great place made for surfers from around the world


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If you happen to be surfing in Nias island, make time to visit Ture Loto beach. There are numbers of surfcamps in Indonesia that will advise you with your accommodation in Nias island.


Snorkelling at Ture Loto Beach

Ture Loto beach is situated in the northern Nias, precisely at Balofadoro village. This secluded paradise is one of Nias tourism destinations due to its untouched natural beauty.

Getting to Ture Loto Beach

A small isolated beach – Ture Loto promises thousands of species and coral reefs as you get into the water for snorkelling. To get here, it takes 2 hours of road trip by car or motorcycle from Gunung Sitoli. You can enjoy the scenic green fields on your left and right as you make your way to Ture Loto. The beach gets packed with people during weekends as this is also the locals’ leisure destination. So, if you want a paradise of your own, it is recommended to visit Ture Loto on weekdays – it would be less crowded. It is suggested to hire a tour guide when you go to Ture Loto beach as they are familiar with the area. The roads are meandering but still vehicle-friendly. There have been some reports of road thieves so it is best to go there during daytime.

Tips to Snorkelling at Ture Loto Beach

  • Ture Loto beach gets packed with people during weekends, so…
  • …it is recommended to visit Ture Loto beach on weekdays
  • it is best to go there during daytime.
  • it takes 2 hours by car or motorcycle from Gunung Sitoli.


Let the snorkelling begin!

Snorkellinh in Turu Loto Beach IndonesiaCombining the best of 2 worlds, Ture Loto is almost like a giant swimming pool. The impact of earthquake back in 2005 has caused the land to form beautiful exotic reefs surround the beach. And the crystal clear water seems to be waving at you as you arrive!

You can rent a boat that will take you to farther off the beach and in about 10 minutes from here, you can start to use your snorkelling equipment and enjoy the panoramic sea. From clown fish to Moorish idol, you’ll get excited as these colourful species greet you down there! Not only for professional divers, Ture Loto is a safe place for newbies, too. This beach is still considered as a virgin beach because the area is geographically remote and hasn’t been ‘touched’ by wastes or industrial chemicals like some of other beaches in Indonesia. For snorkelling equipments, you can either rent on the spot, or bring your own.

If you are planning a surfing trip to Nias Island (Indonesia), take a look to our Pleasure Surfcamp or contact us now to get best discounts in accommodation on the island! > Contact Us!

Take a retreat to the traditional accommodation in Nias island

Many guesthouses are available for stay. When you arrive at Pleasure surfcamp in Nias Island, you can expect a natural lodge surrounded by the trees and chirping birds. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and experience the nature at its best in Nias!

(And… don’t forget your surfboard, lots of waves are waiting for you 😉 )


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While surfing in Indonesia is on top of your list as you arrive in Nias, you can enjoy your free time by taking a trip to the museum and find out more about the island you are hopping to.

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Every year, surfers from this universe take a chance to experience the point break of Sorake and Lagundri. Nias is where it’s at!


There are not many surfcamp in Indonesia but when it comes to Nias, it consistently gives the best surfing experience for you. Since the discovery in 1970, Nias portrayal has changed from just-a-quiet land of ancient culture to an adventurous surfing destination.

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Among a chain of islands in Indian Ocean, Nias offers remote and off beat track of ancient culture and legendary point break. Here are a few of quick tips to read before travelling to this adventurous place!

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Situated 125 km from West Sumatera, Indonesia, Nias Island offers adrenaline rush of waves, megalithic cultures dated from centuries ago and staples of unique mouth-watering foods.

#1 Surfing in Nias Island (Indonesia)

If you are looking for Surfcamp in Indonesia, that would be in Nias island.

With some of the best waves in the world, Nias owns surfers’ paradises for beginners and professionals. First time surfed in 1975 by Peter Troy, Australian surfer, he discovered this world class wave located in secluded jungles of Nias.

The magnificent currents and incredible breaks are too great not to be explored!

Today, it is far easier to visit Nias as there are many Surfcamp in Nias Island namely Aloha, KeyHole, Oichoda and more. You can visit their official websites to find out more about each surfcamp.

You can rent boards, boats and resorts for surfing. Famous places like Sorake and Legundri even provide trainers for novice players. Are you ready to catch the wave?

#2 Gastronomic trail

Travelling or surfing in Indonesia will not be complete when you haven’t tried the country’s heritage food. With staples of spices growing throughout the country, you can bet on the delicacies that Nias island has to offer.

Unique foods like Harinake (diced pork with spices), Hambae Nititi (crab meat cooked with coconut milk) kofo-kofo (boneless smoked fish) and many other delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.  Where to find them? An abundant of streetside food stalls (warung) will not fail to tickle your taste buds!

#3 Village cultures in the Island of Nias

As you go surfing in Nias Island, you can also learn the island’s diversity of culture and festivals. One of the famous culture festivals is Stone Jumping. The villagers call it Fahompoa festival that requires a man to jump over 2 meters stone. This iconic attraction is part of the culture’s belief that when a man can jump over the board, he is ready to have a marriage.

There are also other sites you can witness such as ancient megalithic cultures, heart-wrenching Tari Baluse (Warrior Dance) and conservative Mentawai tribe which has been isolated from outside world.

Nias Island offers magnificent experience for you especially for the surfers. It is best to travel Nias in group for safe and easy trip as the area still possesses natural environment life. The accommodation in Nias Island often comes in forms of losmen (guest houses).