Our Surfcamp is located in LAGUNDRY BAY, ON the idyllic Island of Nias, which is the largest of a group of 131 islands forming the Nias Island archipelago or Kepulauan Nias, off the west coast of the Sumatra Island, Indonesia.

Nias Island is just in front of Sumatra, so if you are coming from abroad you will probably land at the Meden International Airport called Kuala Namu, 39 kilometers away from Meden which is the capital and largest city in North Sumatra. Kuala Namu is a recently built airport; it opened its gates in 2013 and operates with the most important Asian airlines such as AirAsia, Citilynks, Garuda Arilines, Lion Air, Jetstar Asia, Malasya Air, Wings Air, etc.

Cheap flights to Nias Island

Once in Sumatra there are two possible ways to access the Nias Island. By air is the most complicated one since not all airlines that used to operate previous to the earthquake are doing it nowadays. Some airlines such as Lion Air, Merpati, Wings Air and Sky Aviation used to fly from Kuala Namu to the Binaka Airport, near Gunung Sitoli in Nias Island. These and other airlines have been serving this route on-and-off since 2005. Bear in mind that all these low cost flights have a baggage allowance of 15 kg (surfing boards not included in this weight).

Today the only one that allows online booking is LionAir. There are one way flights from 480.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupia) or 40 USD. The Binaka Airport is located 15 kilometers away from the town. For more information about cheap flights check our article “Cheap flights to Nias Island” in the Pleasure Surfcamp Web.

The most certain way to get to Nias from Sumatra is heading to the Sibolga Port. Ferries depart every day to the Gunung Situoli Port, 5 kilometers away from the town. The journey is a pleasure and takes approximately from 8 to 12 hours. Night trips are available. The ferry is operated by a state company called Pelni. You can check for hours and schedule on the website: pelni.com.

Whether you arrive at the Binaka Airport or the Gunung Sitoli Port there will be vans and minibuses available to drive you the Surfcamp.

Finally, a good tip for Nias Island is having enough cash before arriving to the island since there are not many ATM’s in the island.

How to reach our surfcamp in nias

– If you come from a different country than indonesia firstly you’ll have to arrive at Kuala Lumpur Airport (Malasya) Then continue to Medan Airport (Indonesia) and then to Nias Airport (Binaka airport).

Once there we will pick up you to ur place you just have to send us a message and we will arrange everything for you 🙂

Just contact us or send us an e-mail to: [email protected]



Our Surfcamp is located just on the seaside, in front of the famous wave “The Point” in Lagundry bay, Nias Island-North.
Nias (one of the best surfers paradise in the world, with waves that reaches 1-12 feet.
We offer very energic food and transportation service from the airport so the only thing you will do is.. SURF, SURF AND MORE SURF!


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