Voos baratos para Ilha de Nias - Indonésia


Cheap flights to Nias Island

Pleasure Surfcamp has prepared a list of tips and interesting websites that will be useful if you are searching for cheap flights to Nias Island.

The nearest International airport from Nias Island is 39 kilometers away from Meden (North Sumatra). Not all of the airlines that used to fly from Meden to Nias continue to do it today. Nevertheless there are still flights being operated by some of them. Lion Air is the only one providing online booking. You can book regular or cheap flights to Nias Island on their website (lionair.co.id).

There are one-way flights from 480.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupia) which is approximately 40 USD. Some other airlines such as Merpati, Wings Air and Sky Aviation used to fly from Kuala Namu to the Nias Island until recently. You may have to check for availability by the time of you trip. Bear in mind that all these cheap flights to Nias Island have a baggage allowance of 15 kg, this 15 kg does not include surfing boards.

The Nias Island Airport is called Binaka and is located near Gunung Sitoli, 15 kilometers away from town. There are minibuses and cars that will drive to the Pleasure Surfcamp.

For international flights to Meden there are some interesting websites where you can find cheap flights to Nias Island. First of all you have AirAsia (airasia.com) a Malaysian low-cost airline that operates domestic and international flights over 22 countries.

It is important to get used to some exploring tools since most of the major airlines possess some of the most popular search engines. Thus they will not show some cheap flights to Nias Island operated by other companies. Pleasure Surfcamp recommends the following websites to hunt the low cost flights no matter how big the airline is.

  • Kayak’s website (kayak.com/explore) is perfect for searching various airline flights at the same time.
  • Skyscanner (skyscanner.net) you don’t need to enter specific dates or destinations, so this makes it a very interesting place to find good fares if you don’t have a fixed date or you don’t mind flying from a neighboring city.
  • Momondo (momondo.com) is also a respectable option when searching for international routes. This site provides all the possible airlines, even the smallest ones.

Some major companies serving cheap flights that arrive to Kuala Namu Airport (Meden) are Citylinks, Firefly, Garuda Indonesia, Jetstar Asia, Lion Air, Susi Air and Wings. In the Nias Island Surfcamp we advise to check directly the airlines websites, since most of them reserve special fares only available on their own sites.


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