There is a reason why our Surfcamp is called Pleasure Nias Island: the island is known by surfers all around the globe due to its huge rolling waves and overwhelming natural landscapes. It is a true natural paradise located off the west Sumatran coast in the Indian Ocean, Indonesia.

Nias Island is the largest among the 131 neighboring group of islands, among which we can mention Mentawai (home for the Taman National Siberut Park), Pulau Simeulue and the small Hinako Islands among others. The 130 kilometers long Isle of Nias was pretty much isolated from Western civilization for centuries, although the people had been trading with other Asian cultures for ages.

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During the 60’s the Nias Island became part of a very popular hippie route and grew even more famous among the surfers that were going to Bali, also in Indonesia. Ambitious surfers coming mostly from Australia in their hunt for the supreme wave contributed to turn the whole island into a big surfcamp. In recent years it was site for quite a few international competitions like the Open Surfing Championship.

Surfing in Nias Island: Best Spots

The Pleasure Surfcamp is located in one of the best surfing spots in the island: on the southern part, in the Lagundri bay, just in front of “The Point” (or point break, meaning the rocky sunken point or edge that actually produces the waves). The beach is just a few steps from the town Teluk Dalam and next the Sorake Bay. Here is where the main break is. Sorake’s waves have been surfed since mid ’70 and they are even compared with the ones in Maui in Hawai. It is also an exceptional area because sea turtles are seen regularly by surfers; they use to swim underneath their boards before the waves arrive.

They said that every cloud has a silver lining. Although the 2004 earthquake and the later Tsunami had produced appalling costs to the towns in the Nias Island, it has certainly improved the waves’ quality according to most of the surfers. Now they seem to have become more curled, concave and longer, which make them perfect for tube riding.

Bawa and Asu, better known as The Hinako Islands has also exceptional first-class waves and they are located just in front of Sorake.

In Key Hole beach the surfing is constant, this point receives south-west swells that form a very safe right-hander wave which can be surfed both with high or low water. This is the traditional beach for the native people, so you can also get a glimpse at the local tradition here as well.

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