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Add the Indonesian surf potential to the quiet and stunning Island of Nias and you will get the ultimate formula for ecstasy. Nias Island is part of the western coast of Sumatra bay. Surfing here has been gaining more and more devotees during the last decades. Yet, it is the sort of place that hasn’t been fully exploited by tourists traders so far, thus represent an amazing delight for surfers.

Pleasure Nias Island Surfcamp invites you to live the experience with us.  Our place is located in the Sorake bay, between the islands of Sorake and Lagundry beach at the southern part. The sea here offers superlative waves that are no different from the ones in Uluwato and Kuta beach, in Bali. No wonder it is considered the second best spot for surf in the world after Hawaii.

The amazing thing about Nias is that you can get on board no matter what time of the year. Sorake bay produces a permanent set of waves. Legends say there have been huge swells of over 15 feet, although you can see frequent waves of 2 to 4 feet high relatively close to the beach (a couple of hundred meters). To hunt the legendary wave you should probably come to the Pleasure Surfcamp during the dry season and more precisely in the months of June and July when most of the international competitions take place.

Some history about Nias Island and surfing!

In the mid ‘70s a group of Australian surfers, among whom were Kevin Lovett and John Giessel, discovered the surf break in Nias. The two of them agreed to maintain the secret of the huge discovery. At the time the island was a wild jungle almost virgin from Western civilization. Giessel got malaria and died in 1975, but Lovett continued to surf the Sorake’s waves and eventually the secret was revealed. From then on the island has evolved to become site for international surf competitions since the ’90 (including the World Surfing Championship in 2000).

“The point” that creates the epic waves is officially called Soraki (meaning numerous reefs) and has been accentuated after the earthquake of December2004. The whole geography of the island has changed dramatically; the ocean literally ate many meters of land in some parts and withdrew from some others. Surfers say waves are becoming more and more curved and longer so it is ideal for getting barreled. The same thing happened in the nearby Hinako Islands.


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