If you happen to be surfing in Nias island, make time to visit Ture Loto beach. There are numbers of surfcamps in Indonesia that will advise you with your accommodation in Nias island.



Snorkelling at Ture Loto Beach

Ture Loto beach is situated in the northern Nias, precisely at Balofadoro village. This secluded paradise is one of Nias tourism destinations due to its untouched natural beauty.

Getting to Ture Loto Beach

A small isolated beach – Ture Loto promises thousands of species and coral reefs as you get into the water for snorkelling. To get here, it takes 2 hours of road trip by car or motorcycle from Gunung Sitoli. You can enjoy the scenic green fields on your left and right as you make your way to Ture Loto. The beach gets packed with people during weekends as this is also the locals’ leisure destination. So, if you want a paradise of your own, it is recommended to visit Ture Loto on weekdays – it would be less crowded. It is suggested to hire a tour guide when you go to Ture Loto beach as they are familiar with the area. The roads are meandering but still vehicle-friendly. There have been some reports of road thieves so it is best to go there during daytime.




Tips to Snorkelling at Ture Loto Beach

  • Ture Loto beach gets packed with people during weekends, so…
  • …it is recommended to visit Ture Loto beach on weekdays
  • it is best to go there during daytime.
  • it takes 2 hours by car or motorcycle from Gunung Sitoli.




Let the snorkelling begin!

Snorkellinh in Turu Loto Beach IndonesiaCombining the best of 2 worlds, Ture Loto is almost like a giant swimming pool. The impact of earthquake back in 2005 has caused the land to form beautiful exotic reefs surround the beach. And the crystal clear water seems to be waving at you as you arrive!

You can rent a boat that will take you to farther off the beach and in about 10 minutes from here, you can start to use your snorkelling equipment and enjoy the panoramic sea. From clown fish to Moorish idol, you’ll get excited as these colourful species greet you down there! Not only for professional divers, Ture Loto is a safe place for newbies, too. This beach is still considered as a virgin beach because the area is geographically remote and hasn’t been ‘touched’ by wastes or industrial chemicals like some of other beaches in Indonesia. For snorkelling equipments, you can either rent on the spot, or bring your own.

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Take a retreat to the traditional accommodation in Nias island

Many guesthouses are available for stay. When you arrive at Pleasure surfcamp in Nias Island, you can expect a natural lodge surrounded by the trees and chirping birds. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and experience the nature at its best in Nias!

(And… don’t forget your surfboard, lots of waves are waiting for you 😉 )


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