To get a glimpse at the array of Surfing in Indonesia, here’s a list of the best surfing spots in Nias Island

Sorake Break: Also Main Break, it is the core of Nias and a classic in the region. This is the break where the first world-class wave was ever surfed in Sumatra (1975, by Australian surfers). It is a reef-coral right handed, especially easy to access: you can paddle out from Lagundri Beach. Usually there are not many surfers and the break has a consistent frequency (150 days a year). It is recommended only for experienced surfers and it rises from 3ft. to 6+ ft.

The Machine: Also in Lagundry bay, it was considered as a totally epic type of break, but it became more shallow after the earthquake and rumor has it that it actually doesn’t break anymore. (Locals assure it does) It is generally not crowded and suggested only for qualified surfers. From 3ft. to 6+ ft. This surfing spot in Nias Island offers powerful, hollow and fast tubes. It is best on the high tide and very easy to paddle back. Right next to the machine there is another surfing spot called the Beach Break which is the ultimate break for learning.

Indicator: The third and last break in Lagundri bay, just a little further from Sorake’s or Main Break. It is surfed only in exceptional occasions. There is considerable danger because the waves crush part of the reef, so it is not viable at low tide. However, in the right swell and at very high tide this spot has presented some of the most amazing barrels.

surfspots-nias-surfcamp-indonesia8-Frame: This coral-reef surfing spot is ranked as one of the highest, most refined in Nias Island. It breaks in both directions: left and right. It is relatively easy to access: located in the southern tip of the Island, direction East from the Sorake Bay, near the village of Hilliduha. Very close to another break called Rockstar. It is excellent for tube riding.

Rockstar: Next to Hilistaro Village and a few minutes walk from the 8-Frame break, this is another high quality surfing spots in Nias Island, recommended for experienced surfers. It is a right handed wave, normally with short length; quite tricky to take off, but once you do it holds up. Not crowded at all!

Sobatu (Secret Right Hander): Located North to the Indicator, on the South West coast of the Island. Sobatu produces a solid right-handed barrel. The paddling back is a little challenging, so it is very easy to get caught inside.

Walo Hiu: This break produces the most extreme left handed up-to-10 second barrels. Although this surfing spot in Nias Island is not the most accessible one, the 30 minute walk through the jungle to get there is absolutely worthy (otherwise you can always get a boat).