The Lagundri bay is a curved bay gulf forming a horseshoe in the South of Nias Island. The bay is house of the leading lady as far as Surf goes: the Main Break, Soraki Point or simply “The point”, however you want to call this classic surfing point in Indonesia. This break is considered second only to some of the most important ones in Hawaii.

lagundry-soraky-surfcamp-pleasure Since the mid ‘70s, when this world-class break was first surfed by a group of “Aussies” (Australians), Soraki has been receiving surfers from all around the globe. The place evolved from an original secret spot among a couple of daring friends, to being house for several international competitions during the ’90 (Also the World Surfing Championship in 2000). “The point” has the most epic right handed barreling waves over a coral reef (That’s where it gets its name: Sorake means numerous reefs according to the locals).

It is notorious because of its effortless paddle out and the progressive, round-shaped, energical tubes which have, according to the surfers, reached 15 feet, although regular waves measure from 3 to 6 feet. Usually it is not a highly crowded spot and the break has a consistent frequency (150 days a year).

surfing-lagundry-soraky-surfcamp-pleasureThe Soraki Point is recommended only for skilled surfers. However, after dying in deep waters, the Point produces a lower decreasing sloppy swell that breaks again a few meters to the left in what is called the Kiddies Corner, a perfect break for beginners and children to practice.

Most of the Breaks in Nias has been accentuated after the 9.2 (on the Richter scale) earthquake that strucked the island from the North in 2004. The ocean distorted the geography of the Island, eating parts of the land and withdrawing from some others. As far as surfing is concerned tubes are becoming more curved and increasing in length. While before the earthquake waves lasted 7 seconds, now they may get to 9.

The Island is nick named “All time Nias” after the continuous set of waves delivered in the Sorake Bay. Anytime is a good time here. However, the best time is during the dry season, from June to September. Most Surfing competitions are held in June and July.

Although Sorake is the core break in Nias Island there are many other points. Read our article “Best Surfing Spots in Nias Island” to fin out more.