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While surfing in Indonesia is on top of your list as you arrive in Nias, you can enjoy your free time by taking a trip to the museum and find out more about the island you are hopping to.

museum-pusakanias-nias-island-indonesiaPusaka Nias is the only museum in the island with an impressive collections of artefacts dated from Megalithic era. Situated in a complex of 2-hectare land, Pusaka Nias owns thousands of objects, from daily life tools to traditional music instruments – starting from prehistoric times. When you go to surfcamp in Nias island, you can learn more about Nias ancestry, culture and heritage from this resourceful insight!

Here are the highlights of what you can find in Pusaka Nias (No worries, each item in this museum has bilingual explanations, in Indonesian and English!):

Oroba Buaya

Buaya literally means Crocodile. Oroba Buaya is an armor made out of crocodile skin. In former times, soldiers in combat use the ‘war jacket’ that’s believed to have magical power and give protection. Oroba Buaya was granted to Pusaka Nias by Horst Krank, a German missionary during his journey to spread Protestant teaching in Nias island.

Tologu Sword

Tologu Sword is made from wild boar’s fanks and believed to contain supernatural power. It’s said to provide immunity when enemy attacked. Tologu is now occasionally used for traditional festivals and cultural celebration.

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Hasi Nifolasara

Hasi Nifolasara is a casket made in boat shape with dragon head on one of its edge. The unique artefact is originated from Bawamatuluo village and was only used when a royal family deceased. Centuries ago, the burial of this casket required half of it in the soil while the other half was visible on the surface of the ground to signify the tomb of a noble person.

Siraha Holo

Siraha Holo is the statue of sin forgiver. Centuries ago, human head hunters would go home and pray for their sins and evil. Siraha Holo was worshipped by the people as it’s believed to give protection, safety and prosperity before and after they went hunting.

The museum of Pusaka Nias has been expanded further to provide more supporting facilities for the visitors. So, the next time you go surfing in Nias Island, make sure that this cool museum is on the second of your list after you catch the incredible waves!

Pusaka Nias Museum

  • Operational hour: Tuesday – Saturday 8 am – 4.30 pm
  • Entry ticket: Rp. 2,000
  • No camera allowed