Explanation about the best period and time to surf in nias island


Every year, surfers from this universe take a chance to experience the point break of Sorake and Lagundri. Nias is where it’s at!

There are not many surfcamp in Indonesia but when it comes to Nias, it consistently gives the best surfing experience for you. Since the discovery in 1970, Nias portrayal has changed from just-a-quiet land of ancient culture to an adventurous surfing destination.

As one of the most exotic destinations in the world, Nias has been holding surfing championship since 1993. So, if the beach of Hawai is too far for you to reach, why not come to Nias – the second best surfing spot in the world?

Sorake Bay in particular, has constant wave flows which are perfect for newbie surfers as well as professionals. When it gets high, the wave can reach up to 15 meters of awesomeness! This bay is not affected by the winds due to its enclosed area. Hence, you can start to learn and perform anytime of the year.

The ‘all-time surfing’ is a popular phrase that can literally describe surfing in Nias island. Yep, the island lets you surf at anytime of the year because the waves keep rolling to the bay, non-stop! According to the locals, the tides are the highest between the month of May and September. The annual international surfing competition is held around June and July. So if you want to catch legendary point break while watching the pros showing off their styles, you can go Surfing in Indonesia around that months.

Located in tropical climate, Nias has quite high humidity. Rainy season starts around October to April but it can be vary. The driest season is around May to September but you can still expect amazing waves. Pleasure Surfcamp in Nias Island offers magical experience of back-to-nature that will completely excites everyone.

If you are in lust of Nias surfing activity, it is easier to get to the island with the help of local guides who happen to escort tourists from all over the globe. You can rely on these local guides for accommodation in Nias Island, too. However, please don’t expect that there will be proper 5-star hotels as this place is quite remote, but you can expect small boats, clean guest houses, and bunch of warm-hearted people with free spirits like yours.