When surfing in Nias Island is your plan, you need to learn several Indonesian phrases to make the bargaining and stuffs easier. Not all Indonesians are able to speak English especially the economically low class.

#1 Berapa? “How much”

Travelling means getting something back for souvenirs. And since the traditional markets offer bargained goods, you can start to ask, “Berapa?” to the seller and see how the negotiation goes from there. You can also use the word to negotiate illegal transportation rate. Going surfing in Nias Island might need you to take several transportations so the art of bargaining is needed. If you think the rate is too high, you can say, “Mahal.” It means ‘expensive’.

#2 Ada? Ada! “Do you have?. “Yes, I have!”

“Ada” means “Do you have?” This word is useful when you ask for accommodation in Indonesia. “Ada kamar?” means, “Do you have a room available?” If he answers, “Ada.” It means, “Yes, we have.”

#3 Makan. “Eat”, “Food”

The thing about Indonesian language is that some words can work as noun and verb. “Makan?” means you are asking for food. “Makan!” can also be translated as “Let’s eat!” Simple, right? Your accommodation in Nias Island can recommend you to the famous dish in town.

#4 Terima kasih. “Thank You”

Indonesian people are very warm hearted. Any small help, give thanks to them and they will put a big smile for you. So don’t be afraid to ask a stranger on the street for directions.

#5 Dimana? “Where?”

Let say you get lost and you only know the name of the place. You can point the destination and ask, “Dimana?”

#6 Left or Right?

Often time the directions come in “Left or right”. So, “Kiri” is left and “Kanan” is right.

#7 Ombak is wave. And Pantai is beach.

This one is very important for surfers. As you are planning for surfcamp in Indonesia, you can use words like, “Ombak” which means wave. “Ombak besar” means “Big Wave.” Pantai means beach. So if you are heading to the beach, you can say, “ke pantai”.

#8 “Ke-“ means “Go to”

This will help you to ask for a ride. “Ke pasar” means “Go to the market.”

#9 “Ke pantai” means “Go to the beach”

#10 Ratus for “Hundred”

Surfcamp in Nias Island will have different types of rate and it’s important to learn the numeric language. A hundred is “Se-ratus”. Two hundred is “Dua ratus”. And so on.

Surfing in Indonesia is a lifetime experience that every surfer must have. Big breaks, easy vocabs, cheap prices. What more can you ask for?