Situated 125 km from West Sumatera, Indonesia, Nias Island offers adrenaline rush of waves, megalithic cultures dated from centuries ago and staples of unique mouth-watering foods.

#1 Surfing in Nias Island (Indonesia)

If you are looking for Surfcamp in Indonesia, that would be in Nias island.

With some of the best waves in the world, Nias owns surfers’ paradises for beginners and professionals. First time surfed in 1975 by Peter Troy, Australian surfer, he discovered this world class wave located in secluded jungles of Nias.

The magnificent currents and incredible breaks are too great not to be explored!

Today, it is far easier to visit Nias as there are many Surfcamp in Nias Island namely Aloha, KeyHole, Oichoda and more. You can visit their official websites to find out more about each surfcamp.

You can rent boards, boats and resorts for surfing. Famous places like Sorake and Legundri even provide trainers for novice players. Are you ready to catch the wave?

#2 Gastronomic trail

Travelling or surfing in Indonesia will not be complete when you haven’t tried the country’s heritage food. With staples of spices growing throughout the country, you can bet on the delicacies that Nias island has to offer.

Unique foods like Harinake (diced pork with spices), Hambae Nititi (crab meat cooked with coconut milk) kofo-kofo (boneless smoked fish) and many other delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.  Where to find them? An abundant of streetside food stalls (warung) will not fail to tickle your taste buds!

#3 Village cultures in the Island of Nias

As you go surfing in Nias Island, you can also learn the island’s diversity of culture and festivals. One of the famous culture festivals is Stone Jumping. The villagers call it Fahompoa festival that requires a man to jump over 2 meters stone. This iconic attraction is part of the culture’s belief that when a man can jump over the board, he is ready to have a marriage.

There are also other sites you can witness such as ancient megalithic cultures, heart-wrenching Tari Baluse (Warrior Dance) and conservative Mentawai tribe which has been isolated from outside world.

Nias Island offers magnificent experience for you especially for the surfers. It is best to travel Nias in group for safe and easy trip as the area still possesses natural environment life. The accommodation in Nias Island often comes in forms of losmen (guest houses).