Dicas antes de Viajar na Ilha de Nias na Indonésia



Among a chain of islands in Indian Ocean, Nias offers remote and off beat track of ancient culture and legendary point break. Here are a few of quick tips to read before travelling to this adventurous place!

#1 Getting there

Nias is a home to numerous of surfcamp in Indonesia. Situated near North Sumatra, you can take flight to Gunung Sitoli (Nias gateway) from Medan city or Padang city depending on where you are. There are several airlines that operate from and to Gunung Sitoli. From Gunung Sitoli you need to go to Sibolga and take ferries to Nias island. From Medan, you can also take taxi to Sibolga but it could take around 10 hours. To avoid getting lost, you can rely on the local tour guides.

For more information check our article: How to arrive to Nias Island e Cheap Flights to Nias Island.

#2 Things to prepare

The accommodation in Nias island has basic facility so it is better that you bring your necessary stuffs in case the losmen does not provide it for you.

As many surfcamp in Nias Island are located in the ‘wild’, it’s important to prepare yourself with mosquito repellent or anything that you can use as precautions. You don’t have to bring your surfing equipment from home, here at the Pleasure Surfcamp allow you to hire the stuffs.

#3 Where to eat

For a bit proper food, you can go to Gunung Sitoli for seafood dining experience. There are quite a lot of restaurants along the street or even better, check our package promo: Accommodation + Food and book now with us!

#4 What to do when not challenging the enormous break?

You can’t be surfing the whole day, can you? If you have time to explore the mysterious Nias Island, you will love this place more. The paradise on earth is a home to traditional architecture and ancient culture. As a modern people, you will be amazed by how the locals still possess the conservative rules of life. But that’s the beauty of Nias. Witness the traditional houses carved in stones dated back from 3000 years ago!

You can also enjoy bathing in Bombo Aukhu. Literally means hot water, this natural source comes from the volcanic mountain. A relaxing way to enjoy your day with its greeneries view. However, do not expect a great facility as you are in a traditional place. On your way to Bombo Aukhu, you can enjoy the sceneries of cacao plantation and coconut trees rise high on your left and right.


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